Your Spark of Creativity

We are all born creative beings. As children, your ability to dream, imagine and play came as naturally as breathing. It is an innate aspect of your highest self. Creativity is core to our well-being, to living authentically, to expressing ourselves and transforming our life and the lives of others.
We can fan the sparks of our creativity in so many ways. Spend time with people that are in touch with or becoming more touch with their own creativity. As you share ideas, dive deep into conversation and soak in their knowledge you can’t help but be inspired!

Meditate…Creativity is often inspired externally but it originates from within. By quieting the ongoing chatter of our mind, we can find space. We connect with and experience our true self. And, as we hear that self…listen to its voice, feel the energy, and have ideas…we start expressing it more fully!

Take time to nourish yourself. Think of what you enjoy, let your mind wander back to when you were a child and remember what made you happy – then go out and do it. Fill your life with things that you love, with beauty, with whatever brings a smile to your face.

Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular. You can paint or sing in an uncreative way. Yet you can clean the floor, cook, or mow the lawn in a creative way. The truth is that anything can be creative because you bring that quality and spirit to everything you do.

Listen to the Spiritual Message

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