Your Inherent Worth

You Are Worthy.

You may ask, worthy of what? To which I say, EVERYTHING! You are worthy of love, peace, prosperity, loving relationships, clarity, meaning, joy…and that is only a start.

Sit quietly and say it – I Am Worthy. Let the truth wash through you.

There may be a small voice that says no I’m not! You don’t know the mistakes I’ve made or the pain I’ve caused. You don’t know how I’ve hidden my light behind anger or sarcasm or control or judgment. You don’t know how I’ve pushed people away or sabotaged myself.

It’s true, I don’t know all of that BUT I do know that you are worthy.

It isn’t what you do for a living, how much money you make, the mistakes you make, whether you’re living your purpose or just barely getting by. It isn’t your age or your weight or your gender that determines your value.

It is YOU, period. As a living, breathing extension of Source Itself; the simple fact that you’re alive, means that you are worthy.

Yes…You Are Worthy.

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