Your Divine Freedom

I love this quote by Wendy Lustbader and have had it on my wall for months: “This is how freedom begins…we have to dare to venture beyond the familiar landmarks of identity in order to locate the next version of ourselves.”

‘Locate the next version of ourselves’. Isn’t this the call that comes from within? We hear the voice; feel the pull into the person we are becoming. Our future self is there drawing us forward. As much as we want to go, there can be a tug from behind wanting to stay close to what we know.

‘The familiar landmarks of identity’. Yes, we use markers to identify ourselves: Rule following, rebellion, over responsibility, no responsibly, serious, clowning around, single, married, or parent. What about things like depression, hurts from the past or what we do for a living? Pay attention to your words, ideas and actions. See if you stay close to those landmarks or…

‘Dare to venture!’ The spiritual journey is risky for us humans. There are no guarantees and a lot surprises. Often the things we are moving toward turn out to be something else entirely. We are walking in uncharted territory, yet Spirit within knows exactly where we’re going.

This is part of the joy of being alive; the fulfillment and excitement of being on a spiritual journey. You keep going forward in the face of fears; you step into the unknown and find something greater than you ever imagined…Divine Freedom!

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