What Wants to Be Seen

First and foremost we stand in Love today. As the 45th president of the United States is sworn in, we see the entire country surrounded by the healing power of divine light.

Emotions are running high and some people are acting out; however, this is where we have a great deal of spiritual influence. Rather than fall into a hole of anger or fear, we are present in Love and hold our vision high.

Our theme this year is “Being Fully Seen in 2017”, and it applies globally as well as personally. So, in a time of what appears to be great upheaval, we ask ourselves “what wants to be seen right now?” The answer may not be very comfortable but it’s necessary that we’re willing to listen.

Most of us have parts of ourselves that we’ve kept hidden away. It could be an idea we’re hesitant to pursue, or a talent we’re afraid to own. More often than not, it’s something we feel critical, embarrassed or even ashamed about. Our growth and connection depends on the willingness to bring it all into the open.

It calls for love, healing and acceptance. This won’t always be easy to do but it’s the only choice that will satisfy our souls. Together, let’s meet the challenge and uncover what lies beneath. You and I are worth it…our world is worth it… and the life we are meant to live is faithfully waiting for us!

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