What Does The New Year Mean To You?

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! We experienced a big change last year and have come through it together with grace and strength. Everyone’s love and commitment to the Centre is a true testament as to how important our spiritual community really is…Congratulations.

As you look ahead, take a some time and consider what the new year means for you. Is it a time of renewal? Do you look at what was left undone from last year and use that to set your goals? Or do you take stock of your strengths and accomplishments, then use them as the new foundation to build upon?

It’s possible you are someone who walks into the new year unencumbered by preconceived ideas. Perhaps your preference is to move ahead with an open mind and a willing heart…to see what the Universe has in store.

While it can be tempting to think there’s only one right way to approach the new year let’s toss judgments aside and start 2015 with full acceptance! I like the idea of focusing on what encourages a fuller expression of who you truly are. Just dive in and let your creative juices flow!

Give yourself permission to do something that resonates with who you are or who you want to be. If you really loved yourself how would you act? What decisions would you make and how would you treat yourself? Listen to the wisdom of your inner voice and act on what wants to move through you.

Spirit has a great vision that continues to unfold through us individually and collectively. You, my friend, are part of a dynamic and powerful group of people helping to nourish and nurture that vision into existence. And together we are stepping into an exciting new year. Let the adventure begin!

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