Understanding Wisdom

Wisdom may be difficult to define, but it is relatively easy to recognize. When we hear truly wise words, they almost always ring a bell. It feels like we are remembering something we knew all along.

Wisdom doesn’t come from books, research or the internet. It is found deep within you; it comes through your body, your emotions and your spirit. Inside the beauty of your being, life experience, knowledge and information is processed and given back to you as wisdom.

I’m sure you’ve faced difficult situations or experienced problems with seemingly no solution. Our human-ness wants to drill down, focus hard and “figure things out”. Wisdom knows your limitations. It says stop, turn to your Higher Self and listen.

Surround yourself with people who are wiser than you; people you trust to help you on this journey. Allow your thinking to be challenged. Listen to others with completely different opinions than yours; making an effort to see their perspective lets you access something higher than your own point of view.

Step outside your front door and into nature…spend time in the woods, by the ocean, in the park. There’s no better place to experience the innate wisdom of God/Spirit than being in nature. It goes beyond words and allows you to connect at a soul level.

Wisdom is an expansion, an opening of the mind. It shines a light in the darkness, offers peace within a storm, lets us learn valuable lessons, and calls us to see more than what we think is present. Truly, wisdom is essential to living a rich and full life.

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