Trusting the Magical Universe

If you think that trusting yourself is challenging at times, what happens when you attempt to trust something so vast and abstract as the Magical Universe?

Trust in something you can’t experience with your senses has another name, it’s called Faith, and that requires a whole different skill set.

But here’s the challenge, what is it exactly that you’re putting your Faith in? This will depend on what you’ve been taught and what you’ve experienced in the world. Is it a friendly and safe place? Or is it a place where you have to protect yourself and watch your back?

So if you’re going to explore if Trusting the Magical Universe is worth your time and energy, it helps to get a greater perspective, or perhaps a whole new point of view as to what the Magical Universe really is.

And if it really is a Magical Universe, what has it done, or could it do for you?

This is what we’ll be exploring this Sunday. The Magical Universe, what is it? What does it bring to you that you may be unaware of, that if you did know about it, it would absolutely change your life? And finally, what does it actually take to trust this nebulous concept that is so undefined and open to interpretation? And why should you bother?

My intention in delivering this Sunday’s message is that you walk away with a new lease on life, feeling empowered, uplifted and inspired!

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