Transforming Fear Into Excitement

I have talked to so many people lately who are experiencing a transition of some kind in their lives. It’s actually become a common conversation regardless of where I am; so it’s not surprising to see the change going on within our community as well. Clearly, we are in sync with the rest of the world!

Change is just one of those great life experiences that automatically invites fear and discomfort. You are pushed outside of the comfort zones but on a more subtle level, you are being called to deepen your trust in the divine. Surrendering to that call is one of the greatest blessings you can allow yourself to receive.

Change is scary but it’s also exciting. Remember that fear and excitement show up the same way in your body. If you were hooked up to a machine that monitored your response to fear or excitement, your body would respond the same way to both experiences. It truly cannot tell the difference between the two!

It’s the same energy and you choose the focus. Think about it, fear keeps you stuck but excitement energizes you and makes you want to move forward. It provides you with the impetus you need to keep going. All you need to do then, is harness the power of your own biology and let it work for you!

Couple that with the infinite wisdom and intelligence of God and you are unstoppable! Your soul wants to evolve and Life opens the door of change to make it possible. Now that’s exciting!

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