Transformation in Transition

Last Sunday’s service was definitely an emotional one. There was a change in our community and David gave his last talk as CIL’s minister. Of course there was a whole range of feelings; tears of sadness and loss as well as wishes for joy and success. And all of it was wrapped in Love.

The truth is that change happens for everyone, all the time. Life is dynamic and we are constantly faced with new experiences and opportunities to reinvent ourselves. Moving through transitional times in a conscious, loving and compassionate way means you get to enjoy all the richness that life has to offer. Whether you initially appreciate the invitation or not!

It is absolutely right for you take time to look back and grieve the losses. To stand in the uncomfortableness of that in-between space when the old is gone but the new isn’t here yet. And then you embrace what is to come.

It is times exactly like this when people are often drawn closer; when a group’s cohesiveness is strengthened. I believe in our centre and know that we have what it takes to grow through this time together. There is no doubt in my mind that we will thrive and continue to blossom into our full expression of a vibrant spiritual community.

Being a minister has been my calling since I was 17 years old and I am thrilled to step up and wholeheartedly live my passion and purpose with you.

This is a time to be grateful for who we have been. To honour where we are. And be excited for where we are going and who we are becoming!

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