The Wise Ghost

The Wise Ghost
A Talk given by David Jones on October 31st, 2010

Today’s talk I have entitled “The Wise Ghost” because it is so close to Halloween and on November 1st is All Saints Day—a day wherein many of the Catholic faith feel that all the Saints who have passed are very close to earth in spirit.

Today I want to share with you about one out of the three of the Holy Trinity in the New Thought Movement and in spiritual metaphysical thought. The three are Spirit, Soul and Body and because of the closeness to Halloween and All Saints Day I want to talk in detail about Spirit.

What Is The Spirit?

The Spirit is that which is within us is the part that is unchangeable, unmanageable and cannot be harmed by any human behaviour, action, or words. It is that part of us that is our spirit is the part that is within every human being – it is the exact same in all our brother and sisters. Meister Ekhart, a very holy saint in the 1200’s called this spirit the divine essence within. In the Hindu faith, this spirit is often referred to as the “divine spark” which is in all us, yet more hidden in some than others. Ernest Holmes in his wonderful book, The Science of Mind, a Philosophy, A Faith, A Way of Life describes this spirit in great detail. Holmes calls the spirit the Changeless Reality, and that personality is the instrument through which Spirit moves.

Our spirit cannot be killed off. As the story of Jesus and the resurrection so beautifully depict, spirit is the part that most metaphysicians believe moves forward and continues to evolve and spiral upward in an ever  expanding assent of awareness and higher consciousness.

If the term Spirit is hard for you to fully accept then call it energy that is unchangeable or Chi or the Tao as Eastern thought would describe it. The name is not as important as the understanding about what spirit does in our lives.

New Scientific Evidence and Research that is Amazing:

Neuroscientists reveal new links that regulate brain electrical activity – Researchers have made a major breakthrough in our understanding of nerve impulse generation within the brain. Brain cells communicate with each other by firing electrical impulses, which in turn rely upon special ion channels that are positioned at strategic locations in their membranes.

The heart contains special tissue that produces and sends electrical impulses to the heart muscle. It is these impulses that trigger the heart to contract. Each time the heart beats, it sends out an electric-like signal. The heart’s electrical signals can be measured with a special machine called an electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG). Metaphysically, some say the heart is where our spirit and soul lie hidden waiting to open.

The soul is the seat of our personality – it is who and what we really are – The seat of real life and vitality; the source of action; the animating or essential part.

The Soul serves as the door way through which we can enter and touch our spirit – when we touch our spirit we connect to our wholeness – to our unrealised potential

Aristotle’s definition of the soul (384 BC – 322 BC) was a Greek philosopher.

Aristotle saw the soul as a life-giving force that animated the body to fulfill its potential. Soul was the directing force and actuality of any living organism and was related to the definitions of growth and reaching one’s full potential. Without it, the body or any living organism would not be actualized and as a result, be “dead,” nothing but mere lifeless matter.

Why do you want to do your inner- work? Because we do not want to be lifeless matter – It is through our soul that our spirit is revealed. A wounded or unhealed soul covers up the doorway to our spirit.

Your Soul Illumines and Heals what Your Mind Can’t See!

Clear Your Mind – Feed Your Heart = Empower Your Soul!

Inner work Transforms Fear and Pain to Profound Peace.

Inner work allows your Heart to be deeply nourished and Satisfied.

And it opens you up – making available the Incredible Wisdom and Power of your own Unique Soul, your Inner-God-Self

Become really, really HAPPY! With a clear and happy soul we are then always sourcing our spirit and feeling the joy and happiness of being connected to our inner self, our Spirit, our divine Essence that can not be changed or destroyed.

So learning to connect with our Divine spirit within is a wonderful pursuit to have in life. That Spirit could be called our Divine, All- Wise Friend.

Would you like to have an all-wise friend who is always available, to help you stay grounded in peace—no matter what is happening around you?

Would you like that friend to:

• Always tell you exactly what to do for your own best interests.

• Actually knows your whole situation – forwards and backwards so that judgments for your direction and decisions are based in truth and wisdom.

• Gives you the most reliable help to develop the very special work that you are destined to do–the reason you came to life on this planet?

• Give you unconditional love, forgiveness, inspiration and support all the time?

• Help you heal anything that bothers you?

• Help you build strong, healthy relationships?

That friend – is your inner – soul – child – God-Self. That friend is always available to you through thick and thin, happiness and sorrow, and will never leave you or forsake you.

Your God Self, and the very real experience of your Soul can be yours at every moment!

However, for many of us we are battling our false self, our persona and that hinders us from connecting more deeply with the divine spirit within. Let us explore this in more detail.

This is an example of the typical battle that is waged between our soul and our false self. Our false self says don’t try painting, writing, dancing, singing because you will not be any good at it – it may have even said to you today – don’t wear a costume to Church because that would be silly – you will feel out of place, people will look at you funny – but meanwhile the soul is saying, “it would be nice to paint, to write that book, to dance, to sing, to be feel free enough to wear a costume to CIL.”

Often times it is freedom the soul wants the most – freedom to create – to express – to innovate – to evolve – to just Be – but the false self who in general owns our inner ear wins out. The reason for the false self in winning out when it comes to this battle – is because of being shame based raised – that has ingrained into our mind indelibly that if you are not perfect at something from the beginning than you just don’t do it.

One of the greatest obstacles that stop us from doing something new or different – that may ultimately lead us to some form of success – is our fear that we won’t be any good at it – because that is what our false self is telling us… Perhaps we should all learn from Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf, yet lived an inspired and exciting life. She said, “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.”

“I think we should feel as though we are on a mission. Not a mission of sadness to save souls – they are not lost, and if they were, you wouldn’t know where to look for them – but a mission that glorifies the soul. Not to find we are here for salvation, but for glorification–the beauty, the wonder, the delight of that Something that sings and sings and sings in the soul of humankind,” Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science.

Isn’t that a beautiful quote and challenge for us all?  And it is through opening to the Divine Spirit within, the real Self, our divine essence that we become more real, move loving, more authentic and our Spirit increasingly grows and blossoms and people whom we met can feel it and know that there is a special “magic” within us that draws all good to it. I would like to close todays’ talk with another wonderful quote of inspiration from Ernest Holmes.

“Within Me is that which is perfect, divine, complete, that which was never born and will never die. It is that which lives within me and is God—the Eternal

Reality.  This divine spirit within is peace, poise, power, wholeness and happiness.  All the power that there is and all the presence that there is, and all the life that there is, is God, the Almighty Living Spirit, and this Divine and Living Spirit is within me—now.” and I give thanks.

Thank you for reading this talk and I pray you will feel the Divine Spirit within you more and more each day.

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