The Strength of the Feminine Spirit

Robert A. Heinlein says, being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation. We are surrounded by women who continually open their hearts and show us the truth in his words. There is something uniquely beautiful and incredible about the feminine spirit.

Our feminine understands the dynamics of relationship, how to listen and be receptive. It recognizes the inherent value in all people and all things. It allows experiences to unfold in their own time. It realizes that we are imperfect and is willing to forgive. It carries the ability to heal as well as to give birth.

And it needs a fertile space of receptivity and vulnerability. It needs an attitude of awe, marvel and gratitude to fully bloom. Our world is going through great changes now; it is the feminine wisdom and power that will act as a midwife for the changes to be born.

Of course, it’s more than gender; the feminine spirit is within men and women alike. Ernest Holmes tells us – in a certain sense, we are all mothers giving birth to new thought, new ideas and new events. We are forever in the process of creating and bringing forward new life.

In honour of Mother’s Day and the Divine Feminine, I share this blessing: May your life give birth to dreams. May your heart give birth to hope. And may you be loved fiercely, deeply…today, tomorrow and always!

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