The Sticky Stuff of Love

What is Love? This is the question of the ages! It has many definitions and none of them quite capture it accurately. But this doesn’t mean you and I don’t experience Love every moment of every day of our lives. With an open mind, we will explore several definitions of love and how this plays out in our lives.

We’ll start with the big picture of Universal love. These are the broad strokes of the painting we call your life. The Universe creates the container from which love can be expressed and show up. It’s a great place to start when contemplating what love is all about.

Next we’ll bring it in closer to home as we explore how Love lands in your heart and mind. Daily we go through life with the concept of love in the background (or the foreground depending on where you’re at). This is where Love goes from concept to action.

Then, we’ll explore the broad spectrum of love as it is felt and expressed in our bodies. From the sensations of lightness in your mind, the fluttering within your heart, to the fire that burns in your depths. A subject that is often too sticky to tackle, but we can venture there with care and… love!

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