The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships

Have you ever asked yourself what the purpose of being in relationship is?  Sure, you could say a variety of things like:

  • to keep me from being alone
  • to give me the opportunity to love another
  • to have someone to love me
  • to have kids and a family
  • to have someone by my side as I face the world
  • to be and do more than I can be and do by myself
  • _______(fill in your own answers here)________

All valid and great reasons to be in relationship, but could relationship be even more than that?  Could it be an opportunity for you to look at your wounds so that you can bring them to the surface for healing?  For you to become the highest and greatest version of your Self you can be?

It has been said that all there is in life is relationship, and if this is true, then perhaps it would serve you to look at relationships in a much deeper way.  So that’s exactly what we’re going to do this month of February, the month of love, is focus on Relationships!

There are so many amazing teachers in our world, and one that rises to the top of the list is Marianne Williamson. Her deep and profound view on Spirituality and Relationships will give you much food for thought on what being in relationship is all about.

As Rev. Annie takes an extra week to recover so she can come back strong and present, we are blessed to have another Super Soul video so you can dive into the deeper meaning of relationships and see them for the blessings they truly are.

You can watch the entire Spiritual Message using the following link

The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships – Marianne Williamson

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