The Road To Resurrection

Let’s send prayers of love and healing to all those in Brussels. I’m sure you have already been doing this but right now we allow our collective compassion to find its way into the broken hearts and confused minds of so many people. Even now, it is hard to make sense of what has happened. And pain continues for the families who come to terms with the loss or injury of their loved ones.

I am moved by one of the messages written in the square in Brussels – We Are One. Their pain is our pain, but it also means that our light, hope and healing is their light, hope and healing. We breathe and let love pass through us, knowing it is given freely to each and every person in need.

These are the times to open our hearts wider, be a greater channel for love and an even more conscious beacon of light. Hug your children and grandchildren, kiss your spouse and hold your friends close. Look into the eyes of people who are important to you and tell them how much they matter.

It’s a risk to be vulnerable to the pain of the world around us but that comes with being alive. And as we move into this holiday weekend it seems to fit. There’s an old saying: You can’t have Easter without Good Friday. Only a heart broken open – one that can have compassion for those who suffer – can truly appreciate the new life represented by Easter.

Yes, it is a time of resurrection but it is also a time of loss and emptiness. There is a whole road of experiences that lead to the rebirth of your spirit. In the process of spiritual awakening we continuously die to the old in order that the new may be born. Blessings to you and your family this Easter weekend.

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