The Perfection of Connection

At the heart of all happy, healthy and successful people you’ll find relationships built on a foundation of trust. Study after study show the same results…the bonds we have with others is what holds us together. And when you’re on the path of living a spiritually conscious life, that truth becomes clearer and clearer.

It’s often said that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Long term relationships can be trying, messy and complicated. There are times when you want to run in the opposite direction because it seems like too much. Yet those relationships are also the source of great joy, profound healing, and spiritual purpose.

Interestingly, when reflecting on the more ‘seasonal’ relationships of my life, I noticed they were very bright and high energy. I had loved, laughed and felt like I found a kindred spirit. Then suddenly they were gone. At first I was confused, wondering if I misread the situation or did something wrong but that wasn’t the case. Eventually I learned to enjoy and let go; an important lesson.

And then there are the people who come into our lives for a reason; the ones who are with us for a few weeks, days or even a single moment. We do ourselves a huge favour by being awake to these divine connections. They are part of the whole spectrum of relationships and while their presence may be fleeting the influence they have can literally change our lives.

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