The Path of Extreme Self-Care – Part 2

How are you taking care of yourself? I ask this question in kindness and love, and with the belief that you are, in fact, tending to your needs. Even if all you see are the ways in which you fall short, there is more than meets the eye. Look closer and find those small acts of care and concern.

Have you said yes to help lately or no to extra requests? What about the veggies on your plate or a little more time for rest? Getting your hands in the dirt, noticing an emotional reaction and taking the time to process or spending quality time with someone you love are all possibilities. Allowing time to do nothing can have an incredibly calming effect on your whole being.

As you nourish yourself you are also giving permission for other to do the same. Every choice to honour your body, create a soul nourishing space in your home or office, let go of control, or find your voice and speak up points the way for those around you. Self-care can become contagious!

In Arianna Huffington’s book, “Thrive”, she talks about the change happening in corporate culture. Her vantage point is one that most of us don’t have and her willingness to share is wonderful. It’s heartening to read about the definition of success in the workplace being expanded to include well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.

There is hope for a true shift in consciousness. You and I are part of the growth, change and expansion into a new awareness. And taking care of yourself is a great contributor. It affords you the time, space and energy to be present, tap into your passions, reignite your dreams and fully enjoy the life you are creating!

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