The Gift of Meaning

We just stepped into December and what a perfect opportunity to decide how we want the rest of the month to go. More people are becoming attuned to the desire for a deeper, truer connection with themselves and others during the holidays. Now is a good time listen and hear the whispering of your spirit.

Eugene Holden says, “When we take the time to be still and quiet the mind we can sense that there is more to this physical world than meets the eye. We begin to feel something stir within that longs to be expressed. There is a world in consciousness that is greater than we could ever imagine.

This inner world desires to emerge from the very depths of each person’s being. To experience this emerging world we must recognize that it exists. The more we recognize this inner world the more it becomes present in the outer life.”

So, while you’re putting up decorations, trimming the tree or finding the perfect gift, be aware of that inner world and let it shine outwardly. Be in touch with what matters most about this time and allow that to infuse your experience. December is here, offering us the gifts of authenticity and meaning in our lives.

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