The Experience of Radical Trust

I was reading the Science of Mind magazine and one of the daily guides got me thinking. So much in fact, that I felt moved to adapt it slightly and share it with you now.

There’s an old joke about three umpires in a bar. The first one says, “There are balls and there are strikes, and I just call ’em as I see ’em.” The second umpire tries to top the first and says, “Well, there are balls and there are strikes, and I just call ’em as they are.”

Finally the third umpire speaks the Truth, and says, “There are balls and there are strikes, but they ain’t nothing until I call ’em.”

So, how do you label the events of your life? It takes a strong person to look at something that feels like a negative experience and seek the spiritual Truth from it. However, it is by transcending a pessimistic viewpoint and seeing the opportunity in the situation that we grow.

Ernest Holmes tells us, “The true meta-physician is alive to all that is useful. Filling his place in the events of the human race, he takes part in all its labour and in all its fun. Pessimism must be relegated to the scrap heap.”

You have the opportunity to re-frame everything that happens in your life because no experience has meaning until you assign it.

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