The Buck Starts Here

There are so many aspects to the topic of abundance and, you can’t possibly explore the subject without bringing money into the discussion. So, now is our time! Let’s jump in and see what we find.

Say the word a few times out loud…money, money, money…then bring your full attention to what’s going on inside. Can you feel its vibration running through your body? What is your physical reaction? Sense what is present – tension, lightness, shallow or deep breath, contraction, openness, something else?

What about your thoughts? Take notice of any ideas, beliefs, or judgments that may be coming up. Are they mostly positive, negative, or a mix of both? Are they old or new? Maybe childhood memories around your family’s monetary wealth have even come to the surface.

Bring awareness to what you are feeling: fear, joy, anger, love, anxiety, happiness, worry, hopefulness. There’s likely to be a whole range of emotion and rather than being drawn in, allow yourself to be the observer.

And what happens to the nature of your spiritual connection. Does thinking about money trigger mistrust and send you into figuring it out yourself? Or do you recognize that there are unlimited resources and relax into trust, knowing that the universe has your back?

To have a prosperous heart, we must bring our relationship to money out into the light and be brave enough to look candidly at it. By being honest with ourselves we see the deeper truths at work and that truth will set us free!

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