The Art of Allowing

There’s one stream of pure positive energy flowing to us at all times and we are either allowing or resisting that stream. Last week we were given the perfect chance to choose. A flood in one of the upstairs condos resulted in water flowing into the auditorium, moving us to the much smaller lounge.

All I can say is, “Yay us for going with the flow and embracing the situation! And talk about unexpected blessings…it’s amazing how so many of us felt a deeper connection. In fact, many people commented on feeling closer as a community and how much they enjoyed that feeling.

Part of it was the physical aspect yet there was something more. It was like a gateway to spiritual closeness as well. We have been having more and more conversations about us coming together as a community. Well, last week we came closer together – literally!

We may not always make the connection that physical distance can create mental or emotional distance too. Or that the way our furniture is laid out can make a difference in the flow of energy through our home; yet those things really do have an effect on us.

So whether you live here in Victoria or are a part of our extended community, this is an opportunity for all of us to look at our lives, see where we can open more space internally or externally and allow the stream of pure positive energy to flow through us in unexpected ways!

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