The Anatomy of Trust

Ah trust… that’s a loaded word, isn’t it? What does trust really mean to you? How do you earn it? What do you use to determine your level of trust in relationships with others? What about your level of trust in yourself?

Evaluating something like trust in your life isn’t easy to do. After all, this is not something taught to us in school, unless you count the school of hard knocks. And even then, your life experiences don’t necessarily provide you an accurate definition for something as large and delicate as trust.

Each of us has had our trust broken, perhaps many times. It can lead you to become really reserved when it comes to offering that trust again. We’ve all been there. In some cases, it can drive us to withhold that trust from just about everyone, but that’s not really viable if you desire a whole and fulfilling life.

So what DO you do if you want to learn more about such a large topic? One option is to look it up online. Google defines trust as “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” Those are good words, but then I need to implement that into my relationships. There are many factors to consider.

Another way to find out the true meaning of trust is to go to an expert, right? Someone who has done the research, who has put in the time, gone over all the data, and who has formulated some coherent definition that will help you understand it in a way that makes sense and offers a usable measuring strategy that you can apply to your life.

But when it comes to teaching something like trust, who can you trust?

After tackling such major subjects like shame and vulnerability, one such expert on trust is Brené Brown. If you’ve ever heard her speak, you know she knows her stuff!

By the grace of technology, we will be presenting an amazing video by Brené Brown, part of a video series from brought to you by Oprah herself.

After this video, you’ll not only have a great way to evaluate how to trust others, you’ll open the doors wide open on how to begin to truly trust yourself.

You can watch the entire Spiritual Message using the following link

The Anatomy of Trust – Brené Brown

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