The Age of Spiritual Adulthood

Today, I share these deeply moving words from Marianne Williamson. To me, they speak to the “why” of doing our spiritual work as well as the enormity of our power, both individually and collectively.

“Who we ourselves become, how we grow and change and face the challenges of our own lives, is intimately and causally connected to how the world will change…For the world is a projection of our individual psyches; it is hurt or healed by every thought we think.

To whatever extent I refuse to face the deeper issues that hold me back, to that extent the world will be held back. And to whatever extent I find the miraculous key to the transformation of my own life, to that extent I will help change the world.

Yet we seem to have great resistance to looking at our lives, and our world, with emotional honesty. And I think we are avoiding more than pain. We are avoiding the sense of hopelessness we think we will feel when confronted by the enormity of the forces that obstruct us.

Yet, in fact, it’s when we face the darkness squarely in the eye – in ourselves and in the world – that we begin at last to see the light. And that is the alchemy of personal transformation. In the midst of the deepest, darkest night, when we feel most humbled by life, the faint shadow of our wings begins to appear.

Only when we have faced the limits of what we can do, does it begin to dawn on us the limitlessness of what God can do. It is the depth of the darkness now confronting our world that will reveal to us the magic of who we truly are. We are spirit, and thus we are more than the world. When we remember that, the world itself will bow to our remembrance.”

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