The 12 Powers of Spirit

Happy Winter Solstice.

Each season has so much wisdom to share; winter is a time when nature goes within and we are invited to do the same. As we experience the year longest period of darkness this year, we are invited to turn within ourselves.

Winter Solstice is an opportunity to let ourselves rest, to go within, to ease up on external activity. Amid the holiday bustle, the wisdom of solstice inspires us to include quiet, reflective time. By doing so, we find an inner sanctuary that restores us. We cultivate an inner softness where we can rest throughout the year.

Even if in the darkness we encounter our shadows, this allows us to go deeper as we more fully embrace the gifts that the darkness brings. Then, at the end of the longest darkness, there is light. Always…there is light.

This Sunday morning we will let our lights shine. We come together as family, friends and spiritual community to relax into the true meaning of the holidays. It is the perfect opportunity to let the light of Christmas shine through.


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