Thanks-Living…Actively Appreciating Your Life

Deepak Chopra says, “Experiencing gratitude is one of the most effective ways of getting in touch with your soul. When you’re in touch with your soul, you eavesdrop on the thoughts of the universe and feel connected to everything in creation”.

Feel the love, compassion, and understanding that gratitude brings into your heart. In this presence you can truly see the miracles as they unfold in your life. The deeper your appreciation, the more your life flows in harmony with the creative force of the universe.

Gratitude is at the core of staying centered and positive. It brings you back to this moment and highlights what is right before your eyes: the beauty of a night sky filled with stars, the sun sparkling on the water, the privilege of being in your body, the comfort of your favourite chair.

As you appreciate the blessings that are here right now, you stop hankering for that illusive ‘something better’. Gratitude helps you let go of the anxiety that comes with constantly searching. It opens your heart to peace. It lets your soul be at ease.

Gratitude is a fullness of your Being that moves you from limitation and fear to expansion and love. It acts like a magnet, attracting more and more good into your life. Feeling grateful heals, expands and transforms; allowing you to appreciate how incredibly fortunate you are to be alive!

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Slides from the talk

appreciate life as it happens slide 1 a grateful heart Slide 3 do not spoil what you have slide 4 spend the day appreciating every little thing slide 5 all we have is all we need slide 2 gratitude bestows reverence

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