Take the time to share your own story

Here is the question to ponder for our Table Talk discussion this week…

Imagine that you’re meeting yourself for the first time. No history, no list of mistakes or judgments. Just you discovering what you like about this delightful new person!

I’m also sharing spiritual wisdom about community from Scott Peck:

“Community is integrative. It includes people of different sexes, ages, religions, cultures, viewpoints, lifestyles and stages of development by integrating them into a whole that is greater – better – than the sum of its parts.

Integration is not a melting pot process; it does not result in a bland average. Rather, it has been compared to the creation of a salad in which the identities of the individual ingredients is preserved yet simultaneously transcended.

Community seeks out diversity, welcomes other points of view, embraces opposites, desires to see the other side of every issue. It is a true alchemical process that transforms the dross of our differences into golden harmony.”

This is a great opportunity to come together as community and share our own life experiences with each other.  Join us for the next Table Talk Sunday.


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