Staying the Course

During the 1970’s, Prof Chris Argyris, from Harvard Business School, began to research what happens to organizations and people when they experience obstacles in their paths. The most common response was what he called single loop learning, which focuses on all the possible external or technical reasons for the problems.

A less common but much more effective approach was what the professor called double-loop learning. Here, you question every aspect of your approach including your biases and deeply held assumptions. It requires that you challenge your beliefs honestly and call upon the courage to act on that information.

In their book, “The Art of Doing”, Josh Gosfield and Camille Sweeney interviewed well known people at the top of their fields to find out what they do to succeed. The exploration also included problems that threatened to derail them along the way.

The authors expected to hear how things like talent, persistence, dedication and luck played crucial roles…but they were in for a surprise. Every person they interviewed said that self-awareness played an equally strong role in overcoming obstacles.

During those difficult times the celebrities, business people and athletes alike subjected themselves to rigorous self-examinations as a way to learn. This was a critical step and often prompted them to reinvent their goals and/or the means by which they could achieve them.

For those of us on a path of purpose, prosperity and success this is great news! Challenges will come in many forms but if you have an open heart and a willingness to look at yourself under the light of a conscious mind, nothing can hold you back.

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