Spiritual Surrender

Over the years, I have learned one very important solution when it comes to freedom from fear, anxiety and struggles…we must completely and absolutely surrender. Step into the grace that knows when to let go, how to accept “what is” and flow downstream with the cycles of life.

Deep surrender to your life is a profound space of acceptance. When you are willing to let go of what you cannot control your life is transformed almost instantaneously. It fans the sparks for a deeper awakening.

There is a natural flow in life and yielding to that flow allows you to be pulled along in the Divine current. Trusting in the greater Good makes room to accept things as they are rather than staying attached to how they “should be”. It is a choice to rest in the Ease and allow yourself to be nourished.
Surrender is soft and expansive but it is not passive. Effort is required but struggle isn’t necessary. A quiet mind and still emotions make it possible to know what is beyond the struggle. Listen and your path of joyful, sacred action becomes increasingly clear.

Don’t think of surrender as giving up; recognize that it is liberation! It offers you the freedom to let inspiration flow and know the excitement of unlimited connection. Giving yourself to Love is the source of happiness, grace and ultimately, your true power.

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