Spiritual Jeopardy

Eventually it’s time to realize that life is really a game, and we’re all contestants just playing our personal version that we created! So let’s not take things too seriously and get into the groove of this awesome game we call life!

Let’s face it, life is too serious sometimes and it’s important to build fun into each and every day. If you’ve forgotten what fun is, perhaps you should go to the park and watch children play for a while. Remind yourself that you were once like that. Can you remember having the heart and mind of a child?

Well, we certainly won’t be taking life too seriously this Sunday as it’s time for all the kids to come out and play a game of Spiritual Jeopardy! We’ve done this about four times now and it is always a great experience.

This time will be different in a pretty significant way. We have not picked specific contestants as we have in the past. Nope, this time everybody gets to play as we open up the game to all in attendance! (Don’t worry, you will only participate to the level of your comfort.)

Come out and play, test your skill, and see how much you know about this great community we lovingly call the Centre for Inspired Living. A guaranteed fun time to be had by all!

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