Speaking to the Treasure Within

Ernest Holmes says that “there is a doorway or an entrance through which the mind must pass on its way to spiritual realization, and that door can be opened by none but the one who is to enter.

There are many approaches to the door and no doubt many entrances to the Holy of Holies. As we study the spiritual systems of the ages we discover that though the approach has been varied, the Temple of the Spirit is One. The end, the aim and the whole purpose of our study is for the discovery of the Self.”

As we discover our Selves more fully we become a better channel for that Self to express. You see your beauty more clearly, embrace your power more willingly, share your love more graciously. You treat yourself with the dignity and respect you deserve.

This includes how you speak to yourself – the words, the tone, whether you’re critical, judgmental, hurtful or accepting, kind, clear. How we communicate with others is often a reflection of the way we communicate with ourselves, so we’re wise to pay attention. We all have off days but the key is to notice the way you habitually talk to yourself.

Is it the way you would speak to someone you loved and admired? There is Holiness within each of us that deserves to be spoken to as if it were a great treasure…because It truly is!

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