Speaking to the Treasure Within Others

Ernest Holmes says, “you have a friend within you that is closer than your shadow. This Friend anticipates your every desire, knows your every need and governs your every act. This Friend is the Spirit within your own soul.”

This Friend within you is different than all other persons, yet He/She is united with all. There is some part of you which reaches into the nature of others, thus¬†irresistibly drawing them to you and drawing you to them, binding all people into one complete unity.”

Imagine the world we would live in if people chose to communicate Friend to Friend. What if, before speaking to someone else we were centered in the radiance and freedom of our own Spirit? The dignity and respect given to ourselves would in turn, be given to others.

When you’re in sync with your inner Being you become clear about who fits in your life and who doesn’t. You tune into what needs to be said and what is best left unsaid. You are liberated into a whole new way of being with people.

If we were willing to take the time to align our higher Self with the higher Self of another person…then communicate with them, it could shift everything. While it might change how that person behaves or interacts it is guaranteed to change you. And isn’t that what your journey is really about?

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