Service Is More Than Sacrifice

Our exploration during November is the practice of selfless service. And like all spiritual practices, the idea is to lean in and allow it to be the basis of every action. So, rather than being one more item on the ‘to do’ list, it becomes something you do while going about the normal business of everyday life.

Seva can also be a way of seeing what is working in your life and what isn’t. It can show you where you’re giving too much or highlight important areas that deserve more. It can help you identify values, sort priorities and be sure that when you give, it’s to the things and people that matter most.

Selfless service can also be a way of finding or re-igniting passions. Using your life as an expression of compassion, love and giving opens you to your own spirit. You become a channel for greater good, and in the process are shown what an essential part you play in the unfolding of Life Itself.

Your mind may panic and think all this giving is going to come at a high cost but rest assured that it’s not about sacrifice or martyrdom. There is a much needed contribution that can only come through you. Being in touch with this divine purpose lifts you up and draws you into the flow.

As each one of us lives from this place of inspiration we are lit up from the inside by a power greater than all of us. Breathe it in…feeling content, satisfied and fulfilled lets you know deep down that who you are, what you’re doing and what is needed all meet together in the celebration of pure joy

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