Self Forgiveness Sets You Free

Happy Earth Day! We give thanks to Mother Earth for all that she provides and express gratitude to the leaders of 160 countries who are signing the Paris Climate Agreement today. May we continue to love, bless and heal our planet.

We have been opening to the healing power of forgiveness this month. And as April comes to a close, I share these simple words from an unknown author. I find that they capture the love and compassion at the heart of forgiveness.


To forgive is not to forget. To forgive is really to remember:
That nobody is perfect
That each one of us stumbles when we want so much to stay upright
That each of us says things we wish we had not said
That we can all forget that Love is more important than being right.

To forgive is really to remember:
That we are so much more than our mistakes
That we are often caring and kind
That accepting another’s flaws can help us to accept our own.

To forgive is to remember:
That the odds are pretty good that we might soon need to be forgiven ourselves
That life sometimes gives us more than we can handle gracefully.

To forgive is to remember:
That we have room in our hearts to
Begin again and again and again.

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