Seeing YourSelf in the Hallway

When one door closes, another one opens but, as Ellen Debenport says, “it can be hell in the hallway!” The hallway is that place of uncertainty in our lives, when one door has closed and the next has not yet opened. Life as you know it has ended and you’re not entirely sure what’s coming next.

Groping through the darkness, you might trip and fall down, or give up and cry. You may feel scared, confused, frustrated and impatient. But this time can also be meaningful and useful. It could, in fact, become a launching pad for the next phase of your life.

Doors close in different ways. Some are slammed shut: you get fired, your body breaks down, or lose a job. Others doors close slowly: you plan your retirement for years or prepare for your last child to leave home. Sometimes you close the door yourself by moving to a new city, ending a relationship or starting a new career.

And some hallways are invisible to the observer; they are only experienced within. This is often part of a spiritual shift, when divine discontent prompts you to close doors and undertake complete transformation, like a caterpillar entering a cocoon.

Being in the hallway is never comfortable and sometimes it seems like you’re there forever! But how you use your time, who you become and the next door you open are all within your creative power.

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