Seeing Old Problems with New Eyes

I read a passage from Science of Mind magazine today and in the spirit of our continued exploration with the beginner’s mind, felt called to share it with you.

“We are weavers of consciousness. We knowingly or unknowingly choose repetitive patterns, textures and colours that are always woven through our mental loom. Our habitual thinking patterns are the strands of consciousness that you and I weave into the fabric, the pattern of our lives. Is the fabric we’re working with twisted or knotted?

During a trip to Brazil I was shown a picture of a beautiful angel named the Saint of Untying Knots. This angelic form, richly adorned, is portrayed holding a long white cord tied of knots and patiently and persistently freeing the twisted cord.

Weaving a new garment of consciousness requires not only selecting the type of thoughts consistently and consciously, but also freeing the knots that keep us from passing our new inspirations through our consciousness.

Do you wonder what is possible when we suspend those old patterns and bring a fresh perspective to the challenges we face. Could it be that with curiosity, an open mind and a willing heart we find a completely new way?

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