Relationships – The Right Stuff!

As human beings we are hard wired for connection; we have an innate need to belong. Relationships are vital to our well-being. Without them we experience loneliness, isolation as well as health risks. Study after study proves to us the positive impact of having good relationships in our lives.

Now, the part of the research we need to pay attention to is that they need to be happy, healthy, strong relationships! While companionship is a key element in thriving, bad relationships are actually detrimental to us. They erode our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

That is why self-love, self-respect, seeing your value and accepting our worthiness is so important. When you’re clear about that truth, you have less tolerance for the confusion, chaos and unhappiness that exists within toxic relationships. You expect to be treated well and are willing to back yourself up.

You have the right to create relationships where you’re loved and appreciated; and ones where your love and appreciation is received. We want relationships where the other person is invested in their own growth, takes responsibility for his/her life and are willing to work together.

Having people who call you to your best, believe in you and are interested in your success are golden. Being able to learn, grow and evolve together brings deep satisfaction and helps each of you become the people you want to be.

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