Recognizing Your Inner Voice

More and more we understand that listening to our intuition is a practical skill to have. Accessing and following our inner voice helps us stay in touch with our inner truth. It helps us gain clarity in every day situations and points us in the right direction.

The challenge for most of us comes in hearing the difference between our True Voice and the ego disguised as our true voice. Fortunately, by tending to the practice of self-awareness, you welcome divine communication and learn to recognize your intuition.

Spiritual teacher Adyashanti says that truth is always speaking to us. The voice might be quiet, but it is ever present…guiding us to navigate our lives with perfect intelligence. Your job is simply to listen, and in the listening you’re able to get out of your own way and allow the still, small voice to be heard.

Have patience and don’t worry if it all seems too slow. Rev David Ault says, “There is no such thing as wasted time. Each of us is uncovering our innate gifts and unlearning our false accumulations of self at the precise time we are ready to experience these shifts.”

In the end, your inner wisdom is always there, just as the sun is behind the clouds on a rainy day. It is forever waiting…all you have to do is slow down, pay attention and go at your own pace. Trust the process and have faith that your inner voice will always lead you in the direction of your best and highest good.

Listen to the Spiritual Message

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