Receiving Change

This week is CIL’s very first Table Talk Sunday and here is the preparation for our discussion topic.

Change is not only about letting go of the old, it’s also about receiving the new. And human beings are so accustomed to paying a price for receiving. 
Think about that! How can we allow ourselves to receive the new if, on some level, we’re worried about paying a price for it.

So the first question is, “What price do I think I’ve paid for receiving? Reflect on your family of origin, peers, love relationships, work life, etc. Let it percolate.

Since we’re focusing on energy and vibration, the second question is “How will I raise my vibration to receive what is coming?

You may want to jot down ideas down and bring them on Sunday.The discussions should prove to be very interesting!

And as an added bonus…here are a few short, powerful exercises that are fun, easy to do and help raise your vibration:

1. Use 2 columns with these headings, then jot down your answers. Here are a few examples (spend 4-5 minutes total)

What I intend to Do
be open to receiving
buy paint

For the Universe to handle
landlord’s response to my email
finding the right tenant

2. 30 seconds of
Joy Filled virtual reality
In this game you set the scene in your imagination. Choose where you are, who’s with you (if anyone), time of day, year, activity, etc. Spend 30 seconds there, feel happy, then move on.

3. Set your timer for one minute and SMILE

4. Vibe-O-meter: When you notice you’re not feeling quite right, ask “what is bothering me?” Listen and let yourself go the heart of it. Then ask, “how do I want to feel?” Consider that.

5. Appreciation: Start with yourself and make a list of things you appreciate about you (5-10 aspects). Then go on and do the same for 4-5 other people, things, situations, etc.

There was no talk on this day but rather a group discussion on the above mentioned areas.

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