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What is Affirmative Prayer?

“At CIL we pray affirmatively. An affirmative prayer is a statement of spiritual Truth with which we align ourselves. As we speak these prayers in our minds and hearts, we are consciously engaging and directing the healing powers of God.”

Affirmative prayer is a form of prayer or metaphysical technique that is focused on a positive outcome rather than a negative situation. For example, a person who is experiencing some form of illness would focus the prayer on the desired state of perfect health and affirm this desired intention “as if it already happened” rather than identifying the illness and then asking God for help to eliminate it.

Affirmative Prayer is a process one goes through that moves one up a ladder of awareness or perception to the level of a glimpse into the unconditioned Absolute, the perfect spiritual idea or pattern in the Mind of God. The moment you have a taste of it, of that pure wholeness, you are experiencing a breakthrough into a higher and greater awareness. It is a flash of pure “knowing.” This knowing, this breakthrough in awareness, becomes a directive to the creative law, the truth that does the healing. At this point the problem goes; it automatically or spontaneously dissolves in this new awareness. The results are; One sees and experiences a change in one’s situation and environment.

All prayer requests are absolutely confidential and held in the greatest esteem of reverence.

Prayer Request Form

Simply send us your prayer request by filling out the form below and we will pray for you or the person you are asking for prayer for. Note that the simple math question is to prevent SPAM. Thank you.

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