Affirmative prayer, as taught by New Thought Centre’s including the Centre for Inspired Living – contains the following steps:

-Recognition of a Universal Source of Creation (God is…)

-Unification with this Source (I Am…)

-Realization (I have the Consciousness of…)

-Gratitude (Thank You God for…)

-Release (Let Go…)

At the foundation of New Thought is a form of authentic prayer known as “Affirmative Prayer.” This is a scientific prayer in which the individual affirms the truth of who they are which is abundance, health, happiness, wholeness. The prayer is scientific because like any science you experiment. You experiment by praying, then watching what materializes in your life.

Affirmative Prayer is a practice of taking thought to align the mind of the person speaking the prayer with that of Universal Mind. To simplify the picture as much as possible – New Thought conceptualizes the process by restating it in a slightly different way…

-You might say Affirmative Prayer is like:

-Recognizing and understanding that there is One Universal Source of Creation Power.

-Connecting to this Source Power by taking thought.

-Creating and planting a “mental seed” in it.

-Believing and feeling the “plant” as already having arrived.

-Thanking, with deep gratitude, Universal Source for its arrival.

-And letting go as the Creation Power of Universal Source takes over and delivers the demonstration.

This process is done entirely on the invisible plane of “Mind” and not on the seemingly physical plane.

Affirmative Prayer is a tried and true method for creating a mental equivalent for a desired physical manifestation. Think of it this way: For every physical object in the universe, there is a mental equivalent. A chair was just an idea about sitting prior to becoming a real place to sit. A chair is not a random creation, but rather a design that first had to exist in a mental state before it could exist in a physical one. An Affirmative Prayer is a process which moves us mentally from idea to action, and knowing that once the idea has been initiated, the creative stuff of the universe works in a focused and consistent manner to make the invisible (idea) real. There are 5 steps used in Prayer: Recognition, Unity, Realization, Thanksgiving, and Release.

During the process of Affirmative Prayer or Scientific Prayer – one comes to the realisation that within the universe there is one Infinite, Universal Presence that permeates everything, and therefore this Presence, being everywhere, has to be right within us, as well. With this attitude of mind we reach an acceptance of new possibilities in life, we are able to ‘see’, ‘feel’ and speak of the good we desire as already ours. Then we step aside and allow the universe to work in Divine Right Action.

The laws of nature are dependable – they work the same way every time – for everybody.

The laws of nature work on the visible plane and the invisible plane as well.

The laws of nature, as they pertain to “Mind”, are continuously working whether we are consciously aware of them working or not.

An Affirmative Prayer is not about convincing God to do something for us. It is becoming aware of the God presence within.


Recognition is affirming that God or Spirit (substitute the word you are most comfortable with) is all there is. The power that fuels the universe, fuels every living and growing being there is, and we are one with that power. We acknowledge that within the universe there is ONE pervading presence, ONE force encompassing everything that is in existence, ONE energy from which all things are made of. Many people throughout the ages have called this Source of all things, God. The name is not important, what matters is – we recognise this truth.

Step 2: UNITY

Unity then affirms our oneness with God, and with the power of God. If God is all there is then God and I are one. Having recognised the magnificence and awesome power of the ONE presence that is absolutely everywhere within the universe, we realise that this same intelligence that created everything, does not stop being where we are. Therefore It is within us; It is the substance that life is made of. In this step we become aware of whom we really are: Divine beings made of God’s energy and having a human experience.


Realization leads us to understand that as a child of God, creator of all, we are heir to all creation. Abundance and prosperity, good health, wisdom, and joy are our birthright. We name our desire(s) with the feeling that as we do this, it is already ours. We are moving away from the feeling of ‘wanting’ to the feeling of ‘having’ already received.


Thanksgiving, we are grateful to receive this awesome gift of spirit. We summon, from within ourselves, a feeling of gratitude. Of course, the Source of ‘ALL That Is’, does not need our gratitude to function; it is rather that an attitude of gratitude opens our consciousness to receiving even more good. As the Law of the universe is such that what we focus on, is what we manifest in our experience, when we are focused on the good that we already having, then we can only attract more good.

Step five: RELEASE

Releasing our prayer to the Law, or principles which govern creation, knowing that the subjective part of creation, the part that always says yes, has no choice but to respond. It is the nature of the subjective mind to create whatever thoughts are impressed upon it, much the way the soil grows the seeds that are planted in it once we have accomplished the four previous steps, all we need to do is trust. We release it to the wisdom and the love of the universe. Creation does not require our input on ‘how’ our desire is manifesting itself for us!

In the soil of your mind there exists a garden, and in your life you bring forth the harvest each and every day. The thoughts and ideas you think are the seeds, which create your reality, and your experiences are the fruit of your own imagination. The soil is impersonal, and impartial. It always says yes. If you plant a tomato seed, the soil does not judge it unworthy and grow a cantaloupe instead. The soil responds yes.

The thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold are the conscious and unconscious seeds you plant in your own life. Once you understand this, you can consciously direct the flow of good into your life by choosing the thoughts you think. This idea may seem strange at first, and your thoughts may seem to be beyond your control, but truly, your life is a product of the thoughts you choose to think. If you change your thinking, you can change your life.

The soil contains the thoughts and ideas of generations since the beginning of time. Jung called this the collective unconscious. Metaphysicians call this Race Mind or Race Consciousness. Reflect for a moment on what the soil of your own mind might then contain. Television and the media have also contributed a great deal to this Race consciousness. The seeds of love have been sown alongside generations of misery and pain. The soil always says yes, even to the unconscious and misguided use of the law. The sun shines on the roses and the weeds equally. Preparation then involves clearing the ground of these weed thoughts, and clearing your mind of the old ideas that planted them.

Affirmative prayer is a definite act of the conscious mind, setting the Law of Mind in motion for the idea specified in the prayer.  The person stating an affirmative prayer believes that their word is operated upon by an intelligent, creative Power which has at Its disposal the ways, the methods, the means, and the inclination to make manifest their prayer at the level of their faith in It, creating those circumstances which are the logical outcome of the ideas embodied in their prayer.

Examples of Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative Prayer for Health

I know that is only one eternal Force, one Mind that moves through all creation as powerful, loving, joyful energy. It is the wind that whistles through the trees, it is the stream that caresses rocks as it flows, it is all that my senses can fathom, and so much more. Without this powerful creative Force, I could not be writing this or reading this now.

Because this Oneness is everywhere present, I am one with That. I am one with the infinite web of life and am connected with it All. I know that my body is an aspect and expression of the eternal One Mind, knowing Itself as my body.

Since my body is Spirit, God, expressing, it has all of the attributes, the eternal Essence of that Energetic Force. Therefore, my body swims in the ocean of oneness, the energetic force of Divine Love and manifests radiant health in every cell. I know that my body has powerful strength and stamina. Through its powerful immune system it overcomes anything other than Love. Harmonious energy moves through my body and fills every cell.

I am so thankful for living through this powerful, radiantly healthy, beautiful body and all that it provides for my life here on this plane of Reality. I am thankful knowing this truth and how it manifests as radiant health always. I release this powerful word into the Law of Manifestation, knowing that it is already done. And so it is!

Affirmative Prayer for Wealth & Prosperity

God Is! Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. Infinite, Indivisible, Absolute. One Life, One Love, One Light. All that is, is God.

This One Life is What I Am! It is an immediate Presence, and Experience that flows in, as, through and around me. This Life is RICH!

At the center of my own consciousness, I recognize this Divine Presence inspiring, sustaining, and guiding me. The absolute clarity of my focus chooses from infinite opportunities and possibilities as I desire to express my financial abundance. The thoughts I think come from the Source Energy and can be realized in my reality. I choose that which is for my highest and best. I am a good steward of my money, demonstrating wise use of it. My life is filled with all that it needs, when I need it, for as long as I need it. I give freely of my gifts and talents, being of service to those who ask. I am opulently compensated for my gifts and talent. My good flows to me and through me with the current of wellbeing that comes from my core.

Right here and now, I allow and receive this abundance with grace and appreciation. My gratitude joyfully expresses within every cell.

With complete faith and trust in the Universal Law that always says “YES!” I release these words and know that they reflect Truth. Law always manifests Truth, and I open my heart and arms wide to receive in this now moment. And so it is!

Affirmative Prayer for General Well-Being

God, Spirit, One Divine Source, One Divine Force. It is all there was, is and yet to be.

Knowing God is all there is I know that I am made of this same Divine Energy. I am Spirit made manifest. All that I think, say, and do is Spirit.

Because we are one, I know that all of creation is made of this same divine, loving energy. Because I am Spirit and Spirit is love, I know I am love. Because I am Spirit and Spirit is abundance, I know I am abundant. Because I am Spirit and Spirit is perfect health, I know I am healthy, whole and complete. Because I am Spirit and Spirit is peace, I know my life is filled with peace. Because I am Spirit, and Spirit is beautiful, I know, sense and feel my inner beauty.

I give gratitude for this day, for the many blessings in my life, for those I see and for those I don’t. I give gratitude for remembering who I am and whose I am. So I release these words into the universe knowing I am truly blessed. And so it is!

Affirmative Prayer for Relationships

There is one Divine Presence in the Universe and I am aware of this Love flowing through me at all times. I live today with the knowledge that I create my life’s experiences from the thoughts I think and beliefs I have. Therefore, I guide these thoughts towards Love and Acceptance of life’s gifts and see opportunities for growth in every situation.

My relationships are fulfilling and loving. I give unconditionally to everyone I meet and form lasting friendships and harmony in my life. I love what I do every day and make sure I bless all of the happenings of the day. I see everything from a higher prospective and see only God in and through everything.

For this I am truly grateful and release these words into the Intelligence that permeates all. I feel at peace and have perfect relationships manifested in my life immediately. And So It Is.

Affirmative Prayer for Oneness

As I recognize the Divine Power and presence in the Universe as One. The Oneness of the Universe expresses through and as every fiber of every being as Love, Light, Joy, Peace and Oneness.

All beings are God knowing God in this moment and every moment.  As I know the Oneness of the Universe expressing through and as every being, I know this Oneness through and as me and through and as each of us.  The abundance of the universe is expressing itself here and now through all of us as infinite prosperity in all things.

All is Spirit expressing here and now through and as each of us as Peace, love and joy.  All is Spirit now. I know as we experience peace in every area of our lives, that peace is expressing through and as every being and Mother Earth now.  All is God and all is Peace for and as each of us.  I know it is so.

In gratitude and thanksgiving, I lovingly release these words to the law knowing it is so and done Now. And so it is.

Affirmative Prayer for Awakening To Possibilities

Today as we awake to the possibilities which open before us, we realize that Spirit has been on the move all the time we slept. The Creative Intelligence has been making all things new as the night unfolded. Our bodies recreated in its image and likeness, our hearts beating to its rhythm, our minds renewed with its knowing. Not for one millisecond has Spirit stopped being the Source and activity that is all Life.

And so we claim our divine inheritance this day. We say YES to the renewing power that is moving in, as and by means of us right now. We say YES to greater love and deeper peace and higher knowing and fiercer spirituality and full vitality. We allow ourselves to be what Spirit has in mind and to express that boundless possibility every minute that we are on the move today.

We take it to the streets in gratitude, with open minds, loving hearts, fat wallets, beautiful bodies and joyful expression.  In great gratitude we accept our ultimate destiny now. Life is GOOD, and so it reveals itself today.

Awareness of the Allness of God

As I greet this day, I allow my awareness of the Allness of God to awaken every cell of my body.  Each one tingles in response to my knowing that God … the One Mind, The Life … is equally present everywhere.  I am one with and inseparable from all the Love, all the Divine Energy, all the Power, all the Joy, all the Compassion, all the Abundance, all the Wisdom, all the Intelligence … all the myriad other attributes of God.  I immerse myself in the awareness that I am alive AS Spirit.  I know it.  I feel it.  I know that it is true of me and true of each and every one of my beloved colleagues.  I now speak my word from that place of absolute union … I speak on behalf of all of us. Wisdom-Wealth-Wellness and our Ultimate Destiny.

I now open to recognizing God’s Highest Divine Idea unfolding as my day today.  I know that every thought, every word, every action aligns me more completely with that Ideal.  My thoughts are clear, energized, energizing and orderly.  My words impart my thoughts clearly, honestly, effectively and compassionately.  My actions are simple, efficient and effective.  I relax in the knowing that all that is to be done by me today is assured of completion. My accomplishments are achieved with ease and grace. I am joy-filled!

I am so indescribably grateful for this knowing that I live and move effortlessly again remembering I am alive as Spirit.

I release these words knowing that they have come to me from that One Source to which I now release them.
I know the Truth that I have spoken is already the Truth of my being that of each and everyone of my beloved colleagues.  And so it is!

Affirmative Prayer for a Great Day

There is, in this infinite and wondrous moment in time, a Divine Idea of Light that enfolds me completely.  I breathe into that lightness … into that life-ness … into that joy unfolding, and stand fulfilled, right where I am.  I am one with all that is, as I look around and see only the good and very good.  I look within and behold the beloved that I am, in all glory and purpose.  I contemplate my day in this serene and expectant attitude.  In the know that every aspect of the grand and glorious life are seeking to support and fulfill into manifestation every aspect of clear intention of my life now.  It is with complete confidence that I move throughout my day, experiencing great joy, fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction. Every interaction and relationship adds to the deeper understanding
of life and how I can be more available in my support of myself and others in every way.  My interchanges are clear, direct and loving.  My day is filled with shared laughter.  I climb to new heights as I follow my heart’s desires.  I am eternally grateful for the experiences I have and the people I meet.  I delight in the celebrations I am part of, and help create.  I release these words into Law, accepting the abundant possibilities of this day to be a day of wonder, joy and fulfillment in all ways.  And so it is.

More Samples of Affirmative Prayer

The following spiritual mind treatments were adapted from Ernest Holmes’ book This Thing Called You. Choose one, and know the truth about yourself!

Affirmative Prayer for Joy

I know that there is a Presence and a perfect Law irresistibly drawing into my experience everything which makes life happy and worthwhile. I know that friendship, love, and happiness belong to me. Nothing but good can go forth from me. The good that I receive is but the completion of a circle, the fulfillment of my desire for all. I no longer judge according to appearances, be they mental or physical.

I have placed my reliance in the Power, the Presence and the Perfection of God. Therefore, I have dominion over all apparent evil. I repudiate all its claims, cast out every fear of or belief in that which is not good, and exercise the dominion which by divine right belongs to me.

I know that freedom and joy are mine today. This freedom and joy spontaneously express themselves in my experience. There is nothing in me that can obstruct their passage. I permit them to flow through me in all their wonder and might. I am conscious of an Infinite Wisdom directing me. Whatever I ought to know I shall know. Whatever I ought to do I shall do.

Whatever belongs to me will come to me. I am compelled to recognize my good, to understand and accept it, and to act upon it. Therefore, I declare that every step of my way is guided and guarded. With joy I enter into the fulfillment of life. And so it is.

Affirmative Prayer for Healing

I know that I am in the Spirit of God. I know that the Spirit of God is in me. I know that this Spirit is complete and perfect. Therefore, it must be complete and perfect in me.

I know that this Spirit is now operating in my affairs. It is manifesting its beauty and harmony in everything I do. I know that my body is a spiritual idea, manifesting in form. I know that every organ of my body, being a manifestation of pure Spirit, contains within itself a pattern of joy, of peace, of divine order, of harmony, and of complete perfection. And so it is.

Affirmative Prayer for Peace of Mind

Truth lives forevermore at the center of my being. I know that the faith that walked over the troubled waters of human experience two thousand years ago is at the very center of my own being.

I know that the inner calm that stilled the tempest is accessible to me today. I know that the Truth within me is always triumphant. And so it is.

Affirmative Prayer for Freedom from Worry

I refuse to worry about anything. I have complete confidence that the God who is always with me is able and willing to direct everything I do, to control my affairs, to lead me into the pathway of peace and happiness.

I free myself from every sense of condemnation, either against myself or others. I lose every sense of animosity. I now understand that there is a Principle and a Presence in every person gradually drawing them into the kingdom of good. I know that the kingdom of heaven is at hand, and I am resolved to enter into this kingdom, to possess it, and to let it possess me. Worry is a thing of the past, and I am free, peaceful, and at rest. In calm trust, I let it be so. And so it is.

Affirmative Prayer for Inspiration

I cleanse the windows of my mind, that it may become a mirror reflecting inspiration from the most high. I do this, not with strenuous effort, but through quiet contemplation, through gently reaching and affirming an inward recognition of good.

Today I walk in the pathway of inspiration. I know exactly what to do in every situation. There is an inspiration within me which governs every act, every thought, with certainty, with conviction, and in peace.

The key that unlocks the treasures of the kingdom of good is in my hand. I unlock the doorway of my consciousness and gently open it that the Divine Presence may flood my whole being with light, illuminate my being with its radiant flow, and direct my footsteps into the pathway of peace and joy. I give thanks for this wonderful inspiration, and I let it be so. And so it is.

Affirmative Prayer for Freedom from Fear

I know that Spirit is the only and ultimate reality. And in the eyes of Spirit, I know that every negative condition of the past is swept aside. Spirit doesn’t see it, and I refuse to see it or think about it. Yesterday is no longer here; tomorrow never comes. Today is the day. This day is my day, bright with hope and filled with promise.

Today my heart is without fear. I have implicit confidence in the good, the enduring, and the true. Today I shall guard my thought and speech; I shall keep my consciousness steadfast with the realization that there is a spiritual power on which I may rely.

I turn resolutely to that divine source which knows no confusion, to that spiritual center which knows no fear. Spirit is not afraid of anything, the divine has no enemies, and spirit knows no opposites. Consciously, I draw close to my divine center, the source of all that is. I feel the warmth of its presence.

I enter into a faith made perfect through love and confidence, an assurance made complete by the abandonment of myself to good. Acknowledging good in all my ways, desiring only the good for others, I rest in calm assurance. I open my consciousness to the realization that all the power and presence there is clothes me in its eternal embrace; that the spirit forever imparts its life to me.

I believe in myself because I believe in God. I believe in my destiny because I know that the Law of Good is operating through me. I have confidence in the future and enthusiastic expectation of good things to come. Therefore, I accept the fullness of life this moment. And so it is.

Affirmative Prayer for Sufficiency

I remember only the good. I accept only the good. I expect only the good. This is all I experience. I give thanks that this good is flowing in ever-increasing volume. I say to my mind, there is good enough to go around. I do not withhold that good from myself or others, but proclaim that spiritual substance is forever flowing to each and to all as daily supply. And so it is.

Affirmative Prayer to Increase Faith

My knowledge that the great “I Am” is ever available gives me an increasing capacity to draw upon it and to become inwardly aware of the presence of Spirit.

Through the quiet contemplation of the omni-action of Spirit, I learn to look quietly and calmly upon every false condition, seeing through it to the other side of the invisible reality which molds conditions and recreates all of my affairs after a more nearly divine pattern.

With a penetrating spiritual vision I can dissipate the obstruction, remove the obstacle, and dissolve the wrong condition. Standing still, I can watch the sure salvation of the Law. I now claim health instead of sickness, wealth instead of poverty, happiness instead of misery.

Every thought of fear or limitation is removed from my consciousness. I know that my word transmutes every energy into constructive action, producing health, harmony, happiness, and success. I know there is something at the center of my being which is absolutely certain of itself. It has complete assurance that all is well. I maintain my position as a divine being here and now.

I know that in this consciousness of reality is the supply for my every need – physical, mental, or spiritual – and I accept that supply in deepest gratitude. I am thankful that this is the way Life fulfills my needs, through the doorway of my inner self, and I am thankful that I know how to use this perfect Law.

I come to this great Fountain of Supply, in the very center of my being, to absorb that for which I have need, mentally and physically, and I am filled with the sense of the reality of that which I desire. As I am filled with reality, I permit it to flow into my world of thought and action, knowing that it brings peace, harmony, and order all around me. There arises within me limitless faith in the unconquerable Presence, the perfect Law, and Divine Action. And so it is.

Affirmative Prayer for the Expression of Love

Today I bestow the essence of Love upon everything. Everyone is lovely to me. My soul meets the soul of the universe in everyone. Everything is beautiful. Everything is meaningful.

This love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness, healing the wounds of experience with its divine balm. I know that this Love Essence is the very Substance of Life, the creative Principle back of everything, flowing through my whole being, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

It flows in transcendent loveliness into my world of thought and form, ever renewing, vitalizing, bringing joy, harmony, and blessing to everything and everyone it touches. And so it is.

Awakening the Christ Within

I know that every apparent death is a resurrection; therefore, today, I gladly die to everything that is unlike good in my life. Joyfully I am resurrected into that which is beautiful, enduring, and true.

Silently I pass from less to more, from isolation to inclusion, from separation into oneness. The perfect Law of Good is operating through me. Joyfully I accept it. Joyfully I permit its action in everything that I do. I know that my recognition of good is the substance of the good that I recognize, and I know that this good is ever taking form in my experience.

It is impossible for me to be separated from my good. Today, realizing that there is nothing in my past which can rise against me, nothing in my future which can menace the unfoldment of my experience, life shall be an eternal adventure, an unfolding experience of greater and better experiences.

Evolution is onward, upward, forward, outward, and expansive: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Today I exult in this abundant life.

I revel in the contemplation of the immeasurable future, the path of eternal progress, the everlastingness of my own being, the ongoing of my soul, the daily renewed energy and action of that Divinity within me, which has forever set the stamp of individualized Being in my mind. And so it is.

Master Affirmative Prayer for Living

Today I uncover the perfection within me. In its fullness I reveal the indwelling Kingdom. I look out upon the world of my affairs, knowing that the Spirit within me makes my way both immediate and easy. I know there is nothing in me that could possibly obstruct or withhold the divine circuit Of Life and Love, which Good is. My word dissolves every negative thought or impulse that could throw a shadow over MY perfection.

Good flows through me to all. Good shines through my thoughts and actions. Good harmonizes my body so that it is revitalized and manifests perfection in every cell, in every organ, in every function. Good harmonizes my mind so that Love sings joyously in my heart.

I am completely conscious of All-Good in me, around me, and in all that is. I am in complete unity with Good. I have complete confidence in my knowledge and understanding of the Law of Good. I not only know what the Law is, I know how to use It.

I know that I shall obtain definite results through the use of It. I realize that doubts about my ability to use this Law are things of thought. What thought has produced, thought can change. Knowing this, having confidence in my ability to use the Law, and using It daily for specific purposes, gradually I build up an unshakeable faith, both in the Law and the possibility of demonstrating It. There is no doubt in me, no uncertainty rising through me.

My mind rejoices in certainty and in assurance. I confidently expect that my word shall not return unto me void. Therefore, today I declare that the Law of the Lord is perfect in everything I do. It externalizes happiness. It brings every good thing to me.

Today I am inwardly aware that there is a secret way of the soul, there is a secret pathway of peace, there is an invisible Presence forever externalizing Itself for me and through me. Today I believe in Divine Guidance. Today I believe that “underneath are the everlasting arms.” Today I rest in this divine assurance and this divine security. I know, not only that all is well with my soul, my spirit, and my mind; all is well with my affairs. And so it is.

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