Poised in the Point of Power

Whether you spent Christmas with family, friends or in the company of your own incredible self, I hope your holiday was meaningful and fulfilling. I truly enjoyed time with my family, the surprise visit from a friend and the experience of ‘Being’ together. It was exactly what I needed!

And now, with Christmas celebrations behind us. we turn our attention toward year end reflections and the preparations for 2016. Let this be a time of reflection and power.

I urge you celebrate your successes and bask in the joy of what you have accomplished. It’s easy to slide right past our victories and stay focused on what is still undone, but don’t do it! Take the opportunity to honour your work…and allow that energy to boost your spirit.

On the other hand, if there are aspects of yourself or your life where intentions and vision have yet to fully manifest; it’s okay. Remember that some things just need more time. If they are still important to you, give yourself permission to carry them into the new year and continue working on them.

And of course, the end of the year is also the perfect opportunity to take an honest (and loving!) look at your life. Make room for a few quiet moments, then ask yourself, “What no longer serve me?” Be it thoughts, beliefs, behaviours or physical things…this is a natural time to release what is outgrown.

As we bring 2015 to a close, let your spiritual community be a place to reflect, celebrate and prepare for the new year!

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