Peace Begins with Me

We all want to live in a peaceful world. Yet, the violence, chaos, upset and unrest we see in the news can have us question whether it’s even possible.┬áIf we focus on the conditions we see, then it’s easy to feel powerless or lose hope.

But the beauty of dedicating ourselves to a spiritual life is that you look past what you think you see…you go beyond what seems possible. You realize that your power doesn’t come from what is happening on the outside, it comes from within.

So, in our desire for world peace, we come with a perspective of creating peace within ourselves – which then expands like a ripple to your relationships, your community, and ultimately the world.

Inner peace is more about being than doing. It’s about leaning toward rather than struggling against. It’s about being fully present and focused on the task at hand. And it’s deciding that our inner peace is of the utmost importance. Then we let our thoughts, our feelings and our actions flow from there.

Inner peace is contagious. As you find it within yourself, you become a model for others and spread the seeds of peace everywhere you go.

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