Out of the Maze and Into Amazing

Our minds, and sometimes life itself, can seem like a maze. We know there is an ‘outside’ somewhere, and with each turn want to find it. So we read books, go to workshops and follow teachers with the hope they will lead us out. But even though they may be helpful, it isn’t what we’re really looking for.

Then, as we continue on the path of spiritual awakening we come to a great realization. There is no “out there”, the mind only sees it that way, and what we are really looking for is a way in. What we have been searching for is our Self. This is the moment where our journey undergoes a transformation.

We are no longer grasping at straws or taking a stab in the dark. We are less invested in trying to figure out how to fix things or make our lives fit particular specifications. As we catch ourselves repeating those old patterns, we stop, take a breath and know something greater is working with, through and as us.

The balance of positive power shifts and you know in your heart of hearts, what your spiritual identity really is. Every single experience from your past, present or future has the potential to be used to affirm and deepen that knowing.

Your oneness with the divine awakens you, lifts you above the confusion and shows you the truth…you ARE a power far greater than the ego, or anything else that comes your way. As Eva Bell Werber says, there is only one source of real power and that is the Holy Presence within your own soul.

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