Our Vision – After 2 years

“A Vision – after Two Years”
A Talk Given By David Jones on Oct. 24th, 2010


Is finding peace within yourself your number one priority? When we are on a spiritual journey this is what we are striving for – and one of the greatest spiritual tools we can use in striving for peace is practice of turning one’s self inward toward one’s vision. As you may know, CIL is celebrating the second year of our joining together as a community, and what a wonderful time it has been with its opportunities and challenges.   Working with our Vision and visioning together helped us get here. Let us explore both concepts.

Vision is a funny thing. We all know it doesn’t mean what you can see in front of you with your eyes. It isn’t the tangible reality you face every morning; it isn’t the wall that you can probably see when you lift your eyes from the computer screen and it isn’t the thing that opticians can correct with the right glasses.

Vision is far more mysterious. It is almost a spiritual thing – something private and deep inside you – that slowly grows and takes shape if given the right conditions. If you nurture your dreams, fuzzy feelings, intuitions and hunches it begins to take root. If you entertain your hopes and pay attention to your passions, abilities, talents and interests your vision starts to look very healthy indeed.

Your vision becomes a sort of spiritual goal – whether in your personal and private life, your business world, your education or other. Sometimes it is so crazy it never could be real – but more often than not a vision is not crazy but is just something that we have not made real yet.

The clearer we can see our vision the easier it will be to get there and make it real. We need to feed it the right information, do some homework on options, respect our natural abilities and talents and let it take tangible form. Writing it down, drawing it, telling someone, planning, trying a prototype are all steps towards making our intangible “spiritual” vision something tangible concrete and very “material”.

As you make your vision concrete and start taking steps to make it happen you will become aware of the journey that you need to undertake to transform the “unreality” to “reality” – the invisible to the visible – the unseen to the seen. You will see the steps you need to take, the sub-goals you need to achieve as stepping stones to making that vision real.

Every great leader, every successful business person, every ordinary man and woman who has ever made a difference has had a vision. They have had a dream in tune with their deepest passions and longings; they have shaped it into reality one step at a time, making the “unreal” real through hard work, persistence, dedication and sometimes a little luck.

Can you think of the people who have influenced your life greatly? What was their vision and how did their vision impact your life? I think of some of the really great ones, for example, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa, or perhaps your parents or a friend. How did they impact you in your life? And the reality is that you can do the same with your life.  Your vision may influence many more people than you realize at this moment because of your vision. So how do you make your vision become real?

The Visioning Process:

Vision, or sight, is the process by which a person “sees” using their eyes. Sight works much like a camera – vision is achieved using a refractory lens that focuses light waves (the picture) onto nerve endings (the film), which carries the message into the brain

A spiritual vision is the process by which a person sees through their intuitive eyes.

The visioning process has been around for thousands of years and, in fact, probably predates the process of prayer. It is what Ernest Holmes is referring to when he said, “True prayer must be ‘Thy will be done.”(Science of Mind, pg. 268) or where he encouraged us to daily say, “Perfect God within me, which is God, come forth into expression through me as that which I am; lead me ever into the paths of perfection and cause me to see only the Good.” (Science of Mind,  pg.185.)

Visioning, as we use the term, is similar to what many present-day Christian Churches are calling Contemplative Prayer and yogis for thousands of years have called Contemplative Meditation.

What is the difference between visioning and the technique of visualization?

Visualization is a beginning phase in metaphysics in which we mentally conceive of something we want. We imagine doing it or having it and we generate the feelings that would accompany the experience. Visualization involves having an idea of what we want to accomplish or how we want to live our life, then imaging that goal as already achieved and establishing the necessary mental and emotional vibrations to bring it forth and manifest it. Visualization is a beautiful and wonderful stage in our evolution, and it’s very important.

Visioning is a process by which we train ourselves to be able to hear, feel, see, and catch God’s plan for our life or for any particular project we’re working on. An organic process that has evolved for me as I grow spiritually, it is based on the idea that we’re not here to tell God what do or to ask God for things but to absolutely be available for what God is already doing, to open ourselves up to catch what’s already happening. When we do visioning, we align in consciousness with our divine purpose, which is to love and to express a greater degree of life. Then we open ourselves to catch a sense of how that expression is supposed to occur through us.

Have you made yourself available for God’s vision for your life to work through you?

As we mature along the spiritual path, explains Michael Beckwith, we move through four stages of consciousness most of us go through as we practice our spiritual life and intentions along with the visioning process.

Four Stages of Consciousness in Spiritual Life:

Stage one = Victim Consciousness. This stage finds one in constant reaction to things happening “to me” at the hands of a power outside of our control.

Stage two = as the Manifestor. In this stage you take responsibility for your life and put the laws of the universe to work for you.

Third stage = Channel. We enter this stage when we surrender our will to a higher intelligence that functions “through us.”

Stage four = Being Consciousness. In this very high spiritual phase the person manifests as an enlightened living. In the state of enlightened living the person becomes aware of others and feels others to be themselves and that all of us are a part of the community of Earth. We become a beacon of light for all in this stage.

Interestingly the vision of CIL is to be a beacon of light, a community of enlightened members who are AWAKE SPIRITUALLY and aware of our connection to the Universal Source of all Good, all power, all healing and all light.

David’s Personal Sharing:

The above descriptions sound so wonderful and it is the hope for all of us, but I do want to share with you a little about my own journey and struggles during the past two years wherein we have visioned and started to make our vision a reality.

It has been very difficult for me.  Coming from another country to Canada, and living in a small city has been challenging for me. The financial pressures that have faced my family have been great, and here I am at nearly fifty years of age with a first child—so beautiful and so wonderful and yet so scary because I want to live a long, long time to see her grow up.

I am not sure that I have been able to inspire many of you to begin a spiritual practice or to love God with all your heart and that is a challenge. However, from all my experiences with ministry in many places I know that any good vision comes with its challenges.

Thank you for letting me share some of my challenges and concerns with you.

Let us move on the exploring our creativity, our hearts desires and how to obtain them.

Blocks to Creativity and Manifesting Our Heart’s Desire:

The greatest block to creativity and listening to our heart’s desire is the editorial mind or Inner Critic within our minds.  This means constantly judging ourselves and criticizing ourselves, or feeling not good enough to have our desires or blocking our creative process through self-doubt and sabotage.

No one can heal us, save us, or even teach us.  Gurus, teachers, and/or healers are here only to simply hold the light elevated enough for each of us to heal, save, and teach ourselves in direct relationship to God.  Changes only happens within when we have the willingness to no longer be separated from ourselves and others and to directly find out how it is that each of us is a gift from God.

We pray that those of us doing spiritual work find a way to return back to a simpler life here on Mother Earth.  We understand that there are challenges – that the energies are intense, that many are sensitive to the accumulated consciousness that many of us want to escape, run, give up or find others to save us.  But I promise, the only way out is to go back into your life fully, accepting all of what surrounds you as a gift from God here to serve you so that you may grow, learn, release and find the unshakable truth of your own serenity within.

Please try to keep life as simple, mundane, and ordinary as possible.  In this way, you will find little miracles in the small deliberate activities such as that of holding the hand of a loved one, cooking a wholesome meal your body can appreciate, cleaning your home so that it smells fresh, watching a movie that delights you, taking a shower to nurture you, work that gives you pleasure and moments of silence for your own tranquility.

Many seeking God have become lost or stuck in their false-self – or what can be referred to as spiritual side effects.  These addictions to outside phenomenon have attracted energies of lower vibrations that make it difficult for many to evolve to the next level.  Only when we are evolving can we rest in the lap of God in this lifetime and find the treasure we are looking for right beneath our own two feet.

In closing, I would like to ask you a few questions which I hope you will respond to and perhaps write your answers on paper to keep and share at a later date.
As the creator of your life, what is your vision? What is your innermost desire?

As a member of this spiritual community, what is my Vision for CIL?

And finally, last but not least is the question of what is my Vision for my Community/World?

I pray for each and all of us will learn to vision and see more and more of our hopes and dreams manifest in our lives and in the lives of others.

Thank you.

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