Our Divine Birthright

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a time to pay tribute to the woman you call ‘mom’. It’s a day to honour all maternal bonds, as well as the influence mothers have had on society.

In many European countries, its roots were about encouraging population growth. In 1906, France gave an award that recognized “High Maternal Merit” to mothers with over nine children. And the gold medal level in Germany was meant for women with at least eight children. (I’d want more than a medal!)

In Armenia, the celebration is called Motherhood and Beauty Day. Individual mothers are honoured with gifts, especially flowers, while at the same time each woman is celebrated as beautiful in her own way. Every woman embodies the feminine spirit and expresses it in ways that are uniquely hers. And today, we know that divine expression goes beyond gender.

Ernest Holmes gives us a broader perspective, “For, in a certain sense, we are all mothers giving birth to new thought, new ideas and new events. And why should we doubt that the same creative Power which prepares the mother to give birth to her baby will not also prepare us, physically and mentally, to give birth to new experience?”

In celebration of Mother’s Day and Divine Creation, I share this blessing:

May your life give birth to dreams. May your heart give birth to hope. And may you be loved fiercely, deeply…today, tomorrow and always!

Listen to the Spiritual Message (by guest speaker Dr. Rev. Gail Muzio)

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