Oh, Holy Night!

Have you ever expected a particular task to be easy but ended up feeling completely stuck? That was my experience as I tried to write this week’s community email. I sat for hours looking at a blank computer screen. Finally I decided to go outside, perhaps fresh air would bring clarity and inspiration.

Walking around I realized that my head was working overtime but my heart was being ignored. Time for a shift! The thought barely sifted through my mind when an elaborately decorated house stopped me in my tracks. I’ve seen this house every year for ten years, but this time I was looking with new eyes.

I was captivated! The whole display filled me with wonder and all I could do was smile. There was so much to see! My attention was drawn to the angel’s wings sparkling in the light, a reminder of the beauty even in the smallest moments. And on the roof was a huge, glowing star; the light that guides us home.

Wonder, beauty, light! Christmas came to life on the lawn of my neighbour’s house. There is a child in each one of us who is filled with awe. To him or her everything is exciting, fresh and alive! Our lives are rich and full with so much to savour; there is beauty at every turn. Every moment you are alive is a miracle.

And that spark of light.This is your connection with the Holy Spirit and nothing can take it away. In the darkest days or the darkest times it’s there, guiding, protecting and leading you home. This season is a time to give and receive, to share your joy and celebrate with other people.

Come and experience the wonder, beauty and light of Christmas with your spiritual community.

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Sweet Jesus in the manger.

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