New Years Day @ Your Interactive Spiritual Community

Well, Christmas has past and now we turn our attention to the ending of 2016. This is the time to stop and reflect on the passing year. What did you learn? How are you different now than you were this time last year? What events were significant and for what are you grateful?

As a way to support this process, I share a gift that was passed to us from Karen Adam, one of our long-time members. Click on this link to find printable pages that can be used as a framework for your reflection. Thank you, Karen!

One year ends and another begins…it’s an empowering and potent transition! Looking back lets you see what you want to leave behind and what you want to bring forward. An open and honest review goes a long way to preparing yourself mentally, physically and spiritually for the new year.

2017 holds the opportunity for a fresh start. It’s the chance to clean house, both literally and figuratively. It is a time to let go of the “old you” and honor it for all it has done. Now is the time to move forward feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready for a new year.

Join Rev Annie this Sunday and together we will experience a way to release the old and be ready for 2017, “Happy New Year!”

Enjoy this Energy Clearing Meditation (originally from Doreen Virtue)

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