Myths and Truths About Healing

At eight years old, Caroline Myss discovered her gift of intuition. Then as an adult, she began researching and practicing holistic medicine and personally giving medical intuitive readings to help people heal. Over the course of her career she has brought ground-breaking messages of healing and hope.

She became fascinated with the connection among the body, mind and spirit, and sought the answers to many profound questions: What makes us ill? What prevents us from healing? What is the spiritual power inside us that can bring about miraculous healing?

As a society, Caroline says, we struggle with complex emotional issues. However, the truth is that we still don’t fully understand how feelings and emotions can affect our health. We’ll say ‘I have too much stress,’ but, she says, that is not accurate. Stress is the result; however, what we’re experiencing is not actually stress.

She also points out that we live in a society which is quick to label illness as a “disorder” rather than examine the deeper issues. As we evolve and expand, we realize there is more to it than meets the eye. It is fascinating to listen to her talk about the true source of trouble from a broader perspective.

This week we have the opportunity to listen, learn and possibly hear some very new ideas from Caroline Myss. In this super soul session, she lays out the myths and truths of healing, and reveals why true healing begins in the soul.

Join Rev Annie this Sunday when we watch Caroline Myss share¬†“Myths and Truths About Healing”

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Caroline Myss: 7 Myths and 7 Truths About Healing

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