Making Room for Resentment

From a young age most of us are taught that there are good feelings and bad feelings. Of course the follow up from that lesson is that we are supposed to do everything possible to feel the good ones and consequently do everything possible to eliminate the bad ones.

The problem with that theory is that it’s far too simple. The experience of being human is rich and multidimensional. Limiting ourselves to the options of good or bad trap us into a mindset that is focused on outcome rather than process. It robs you of the insight and wisdom your feelings have to share with you.

Shame, jealousy, fear, anger, judgment and resentment….they fall into that ‘bad feelings’ category but each one of them brings valuable information. When you are willing to sit down with a feeling and understand that it contains a precious message, you open yourself to incredible growth and healing.

Resentment can be hard to notice because it doesn’t have the same outward signs as other emotions. It’s said to be a combination of anger, fear and disappointment, which may explain why it can go undetected. Once you become aware of it though, there’s no denying the impact it can have if left unchecked.

Are you willing to make room for any hidden resentments to come forward? They have a story to tell that can be freeing. They will unlock feelings that are ready for healing. These friends will help you find your voice, guide you to action and live in peace. Go at your own pace…breathe…and listen to what surfaces.

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