Love Leaves Its Mark

Sadly, we looked at the news and saw there was an attack in London just two days ago. Once again people have lost their lives and many others were injured. Families and friends have lost their loved ones. Our feelings of safety and security have been shaken yet again.

Feelings of confusion, anger or helplessness can overwhelm us. We ask – what does it all really mean? What can we do? I sit here and ask myself the same questions. And every time I hear the same answer – Pray. See a world that is returned to Love. See that reality even when it’s not obvious.

I have to admit that part of me says it doesn’t seem like enough. But it is a lot. And at this time it benefits every single one of us to sit and hold the people of London in love and prayer. As everyone around the globe prays in his or her own way, we are strengthened by the energy that is shared among us.

We give it freely with the intention of healing and comfort. As a result, they know they’re not alone. And in doing so, you and I remember that we are not alone either.

Look around and see all the people you know and love, notice all the people that pass by you in a day. This is the most intimate version of your world. And this is where you put Love into action. As each of us embraces Love as a practice we will watch the world shift before our very eyes.

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