Letting Myself Be Loved

Words of inspiration from Rev Gregory Toole in Science of Mind Magazine:

What better way to experience unconditional love than through friendship? We come together in friendship for companionship and to be there for each other. And, if we choose our friends consciously and with the highest integrity within ourselves, what great companions they are on the spiritual journey as well.

Whether we discuss spirituality directly with our friends or not, our friends are present for all the important moments of our lives, and we are present for them. What a direct way for us to experience the love and support of Spirit on a daily basis. The first steps in having such friendships is to arrive at the clarity that you want them and then to set the intention to have them.

Day by day, your friendships will begin to change simply because you are changing. And new friends will come forth to meet your clear intention. You’ll also inevitably find yourself becoming your own best friend…which in turn makes you even more capable of being a good friend to others.

When we express love toward another person, we are allowing Universal Love to flow through us. When we let ourselves be loved by another, we are receiving Universal Love through them. It is a true gift to be able to know Divine love directly as a giver as well as a receiver.

Some people say that our sole purpose in life is to grow into and be an open channel for Love. Quite honestly, alone is a worthy reason for being here. Truly, the more love that finds inlets and outlets in this world, the more peace and unity shall reign throughout the land.

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